Dr. Casper

Bloomington Chiropractor, Steven Casper at his Bloomington, Indiana Chiropractic Studio.

Bloomington Chiropractor, Soft Tissue, and Rehabilitation Specialist

Treatment Approach


Different problems need different tools. Blended treatment for the  movement system including chiropractic adjusting, soft tissue manual therapy, and skilled therapeutic exercise.

Education and Guidance


The body is complex. Pain is multifaceted. Health and wellness is a journey. Let's help you navigate.

Steven Casper DC


A native of Jasper, IN, and a graduate of IU and Logan University in St. Louis, Dr. Casper returned to Bloomington from Knoxville, TN. He was in private practice there before deciding to move closer to home. In Knoxville, Steven spent time at the University of Tennessee in the sports medicine department completing an internship for a master’s degree in sports science and rehabilitation. There he was able to integrate and collaborate with other providers in health care, such as orthopedists, physical therapists, strength trainers, and athletic trainers. This further enabled the ability to recognize conditions   which might be better co-managed with another type of provider. Dr. Casper is astute enough to seek second opinions when indicated.

Additionally, experience as a personal trainer helped hone his eye by watching individuals move and exercise to identify and prevent problems before they surfaced. At his Knoxville practice, Casper also treated in collaboration with a skilled personal trainer which helped him understand the complementary dynamic the two disciplines have, and the powerful, effective results that can be attained for patients when they are combined. Therefore, Steven is happy to provide ergonomic, lifting, and exercise consulting, as well as incorporating the patient’s personal trainer(s) into treatment plans to develop the best balance of training and rehabilitation for a truly positive outcome.

In his free time, you can catch Dr. Casper hanging out around beautiful southern Indiana with his wife, Sarah, his family, friends, and two dogs Cesar and Marlo. If he isn’t on land check the lakes of Monroe or Patoka, or maybe even Salt Creek, where he will be in a kayak, casting a line!

Treatment Approach


A unique blended experience

  Bloomington chiropractor, Steven Casper has been trained in many different treatment styles and does not rely on a dogmatic treatment approach. The treatment approach he utilizes is a mixed bag of interventions that are based first on a thorough assessment. Casper has been trained in the soft tissue techniques of Graston (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) and Active Release Techniques (ART, manual myofascial release), and blends these types of soft tissue therapies with traditional chiropractic adjusting of the spine and extremities. He can tailor the adjusting and soft tissue treatment to fit the patient’s needs and/or wants, for example more or less aggressive. Dr. Casper uses manual therapy (adjusting and soft tissue work) to control pain levels and create a window where more active forms of treatment, such as therapeutic exercise, can be implemented. Active treatment incorporates the patient as an active participant in the rehabilitation process. Steven has found this is the best way to achieve wellness without feeling dependent on a particular therapy to keep pain free and functional.